Portrait Of Oliver Sjöström

A couple of years ago I was on a journey throughout South East Asia. I had just quit my job that I got from a result of four years of economic studies. I had a blast. I learnt how to surf, I meet new people, discovered new places. It was my first true adventure. And I didn’t want it to end. It was throughout this journey that I, for the first time, picked up a camera. 


What started as a means to an end… which was to get payed to travel. This has now turned into a passion, an art. As the core motivation for my work still is to travel, to be free and to experience adventure. I also now strive for mastering my craft. To develop and become better with every shoot, and every edit. 


What differentiates me from many other photographers. Is that I don’t work for money. I work to create. And if I’m to work with your company or brad you can expect nothing less then greatness. Where there is passion there is art. And where there is art you have originality, uniqueness and basically just extraordinary work. 



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