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Lightroom Mobile offers photographers and content creators a way to edit their photos on their smartphones without the need of a Laptop or PC. With Lightroom Mobile editing becomes much easier and quicker, while creators are able to respond to their customer’s needs within a short time, simply by using their phone.

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On this blog post I am going to show you how to install Lightroom mobile on your iPhone and Android phone. Follow the easy steps and begin editing on the go!
The first part of the blog is dedicated to iPhone users. The second part to Android users.


Part 1 of 2: for iPhone.

Android Users scroll down.

Step 1: Open App Store

Scroll down your main screen and type in App Store. Open the application App Store. Alternatively simply look for the application on your main screen.
How to install Lightroom mobile on your iphone

Step 2: Search for Lightroom Mobile

Touch the search icon on the bottom right. Then type in Lightroom Mobile in the search bar in the top and press search to look for the Lightroom Mobile App in the App Store.

How to find Lightroom Mobile in App store

Step 3: Download Lightroom Mobile

Download the application Lightroom Mobile by selecting get or the cloud icon (if you have downloaded it before, the cloud icon will appear this time) on the right.

How to download Lightroom Mobile from the App Store

Step 4: Open Lightroom Mobile

Locate the Lightroom Mobile application on your front screen and open it by touching it.

How to open the Lightroom Mobile App on iPhone

And it’s done! Simple as that. This is how you install Lightroom Mobile on your iPhone.

Part 2 of 2: for Android.

iPhone users scroll up.

Step 1: Open Play Store

Locate the Play Store application on your main screen and touch it to open it.

How to open Play Store on your Android phone

Step 2: Search And Download

Type Lightroom Mobile in the search bar on the top. Select the application and click on download. Once the download is done, locate the Lightroom Mobile application in the application folder of your Android phone. Touch the Lightroom Mobile application to open it.

How to download Lightroom Mobile from play store

And you are done! Easy as that! You successfully installed Lightroom Mobile on your Android phone.

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