How To Install presets To Lightroom Mobile (Troubleshoot Tutorial)

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to install presets to Lightroom Mobile and help you troubleshoot when the steps in my video tutorial aren’t working for you.

If you’ve downloaded mobile presets and can’t open them in Lightroom via the normal way, this is a good alternative!

Follow this step by step tutorial and you will be good to go:

Lightroom mobile app presets graphic

Before we start please make sure your Operating System is up to date and you’ve updated the Lightroom app as well. This is the cause of most issues of people who are struggling to install the presets on their phone/Desktop!

1. Open the izip app (if you haven’t downloaded the app please do this first) and press Files.

Step-by-step Izip file image

2. Press on the folder of the preset pack you have downloaded.

Step-by-step Izip image

3. Choose the option Preset Files.

Step-by-step izip preset file


4. Choose one .dng (preset) image.

Step-by-step choose dng file

5. A Window will open, press Open in. You should normally see the Lightroom App (Copy to Lightroom CC) If you don’t see the app scroll to the right until you see the 3 dots (more) and choose that option. Make sure that the Lightroom CC app is activated (green bar).'

Step-by-step izip

Step-by-step izip

Step-by-step izip

If you can’t open the dng image this way, I’ll show you now how to do it with the icloud.


6. After opening the dng file in the izip app you have to press on the bottom left ’’save to files’’.

 Step-by-step izip press save to files

7. You then have to choose ‘’’icloud drive’’ (or other if you’re using android) and press ‘’’ADD’’ on the bottom right.

 Step-by-step izip choose icloud

8. You now go to your Files app within your iPhone.


9. In the top row, there should be your .dng preset file.

Step-by-step Choose preset file top row

10. Open this file and press the button on the bottom left.

 Step-by-step press the button down on the left to open file

11. You now choose the 4th button on the lowest row ‘’’Save Image’’.

 Step-by-step lightroom preset press on save image

12. Now open your Lightroom App on your Mobile Phone.

Step-by-step open the Lightroom app on your phone

13. Now choose to add a new image in the Lightroom App.

Step-by-step choose add new picture in Lightroom

14. Choose your .DNG preset image from your Photos and Add it to your Lightroom.

 Step-by-step choose the DNG file from your camera roll

15. You should see the DNG Image now in your Lightroom app. Choose the dots on the top right to make it a preset!

Step-by-step press the three dots in the top right corner to create a preset

16. Give the preset a name of your choice and press the button the top right and there you go, done!

Step-by-step create the presets in the Lightroom app

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments if you have any further questions.

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