How To Update Lightroom Classic CC

This guide will show you how to Update Lightroom Classic CC in the Creative Cloud Application so you can use my Lightroom Presets.


So you just bought yourself some dope presets but you’re struggling to install them?

After Adobe’s update to Lightroom Classic CC the filetype of the presets has changed as well. Before the update the file type were called .lrtemplate, this has now changed and the new file type is called. XMP.

In order to update Lightroom, you have to be subscribed to one of the Lightroom plans. You can start with the 7-day free trial here if you don’t have subscribed to Adobe’s Lightroom yet.

 File XMP

There’s only one simple thing you have to do in order to use the new Lightroom Presets. All you have to do is to update Lightroom. I’ll show you how down below.

Open the Adobe Creative Cloud Application and sign in with your username and password. This will be the same as you’ve used when you registered yourself on to download the Lightroom Classic CC Application.

 Sign in creative cloud

You see now all the programs you have subscribed to. You’ll find the Lightroom Classic CC Application and on the right site there’s a big button called ’’UPDATE’’ press this button and let the application update your Lightroom automatically.

Adobe creative cloud

Great, you are now good to go! Once this is finished just follow the instructions on my youtube on how to install the Desktop presets.

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments if you have any further questions.

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