Here you will find 8 of my favourite custom presets that I’ve used to edit my photos throughout my travels around the world. They are all rounded presets and will work from the deserts of Abu Dhabi to the green mountains of Hawaii, the humid rainforest and rice-fields of Bali and the blue oceans of Greece and Croatia to the beaches of Sri Lanka, the pool villas of Thailand and Waterfalls of Brazil.

There is a preset for every place and every destination. Capture your amazing adventures and keep them as memories for the rest of your life. And make those photos look extraordinary with these presets!

They are easy to install, easy to use and easy to tweak for further customisation. This preset pack includes 8 presets for Lightroom Mobile: Abu Dhabi, Bali, Brazil, Croatia, Greece, Hawaii, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

The preset pack will be sent immediately once the payment have been received.


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———Some FAQs——

Q: Do these presets work on Lightroom Mobile?
A: YES, these presets are design specifically for the Lightroom Mobile app. 

Q: Do these presets work on Lightroom Desktop?
A: No, these presets are NOT design to be compatible with Lightroom Classic CC (The Desktop Version). You can find these same presets customised for desktop here.

Q: What happens after I purchase your presets?
A: You will receive 1 ZIP file containing 8 Lightroom Preset (DNG) files sent immediately once the payment have been received. These files must be installed. Check out this video to learn how: How to install presets to Lightroom Mobile or check the attached ”install instructions”. 

Q: Will you be releasing a how to video on how to use presets?
A: Yes, in fact I already have. You can find the video here. 

Q: Why do my photos not look like your photos after I apply them?
A: All presets work differently on every image and because every image is different (light, colors, etc.) you will most likely have to tweak the edit after the preset is applied.

Q: Do I need to shoot RAW photos in order to use these presets?
A: No, the presets will work on any of your JPEG images. It is recommended that you try and shoot in RAW as they contain the most data and information for editing.

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You can see how I’ve used the presets throughout my travels on my instagram. Follow for daily inspiration, also tag and use the #ollivvespresets to get featured and win free presets. Giveaways every week!