About The company

I’m a photo/video creator. Apart from selling photo/video services to clients I also sell Presets, Prints, Video Luts, Online Courses, Workshops, and Gear. I’m in a stage of growth and have many ideas that need developing and actualising. Listed below are some of the aspect of my business that I need help with.

About The Position

I currently run several social media accounts with an accumulated following of around 100 000 followers. And as it looks right now I plan to open up a couple of additional accounts before the end of the year. The niches revolve around photography and travel and they all focus on creating value added content to it’s followers by sharing inspirational images, tips and tricks, giveaways and much more.  What I need from you as the Social Media Manager is:

-Content Sourcing within the niche of each account
-Caption Sourcing
-Hashtag research
-Weekly schedule for each account
-Post to feed twice a day/per account
-Post to story daily
-Answer comments and dm’s
-Host giveaways
-Do features to people that have tagged the accounts
-Like photos of people that have used our hashtags and tagged our accounts 
-Upload (good) tagged photos to Lightroom for our video editor to repurpose the content 
-Weekly meeting with ME through Skype for assessment and evaluation 

Let me know if these are tasks that you can help me manage. I’m looking for someone who is  interested in being part of my team LONG TERM. If you turn out to be the right person to join my team, I will have a lot of work for you in the future. I believe that assigning you with one of the accounts for a first trial month (payed of course) will be a good starting point. And if you perform well (as I expect you will), we will take our relationship further, and assign you with additional accounts. 


Great If You Also Know
Final Cut Pro
FB Ads

Virtual (work fromt the comfort of your own home)

Employment Type
Full Time/Part Time


Let me know if this is something that you are interested in. If so, I would love to get an email from you where you describe your knowledge and suitability for this position.

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