Photograph of a girl in a red dress running through what looks like a gate, formed by two pillars with a buddhist artistic style to them. Alongside the road she is running on, in the end of is a light formed by what looks like a motorbike. The surrounding is all green tropical forest and the vegetation has grown on tho the pillars making the red dress and the girl really stand out in the center of the frame. The photo is taken in portrait mode to get the full height of the pillars and incorporate the clouds that lay on top of the mountain in the background. The photograph is taken in Bali, Indonesia, 2018 by Oliver Sjöström.

This photograph was taken a dusky morning in Bali, Indonesia, like so many others of my photos. Me and my three friends (who I was on that trip with) had just been exploring the waterfalls of north Bali for the last two days. We had woken up early, before sunrise to head back to the south part of the island with our motorbikes. Backpacks strapped to our shoulders.

A couple of days earlier I we had driven past these two pillars or gate. I immediately recognized it as I had seen a post on instagram by a fellow travel photographer. But he had failed to leave a geotag. Maybe because he wanted to keep the spot secret. That’s a thing amongst travel photographers. But anyways. We had driven past it and by chanse found it, and I was so happy. At first I felt like I wanted to stop -and I did- and photograph this place straight away. But the rain was pouring down and the sun had almost come down. Alos we where in a hurry to reach our destination where we were going to spend the night before heading of to discover an photograph the waterfalls of north Bali.

We decided to continue on and come back to this place on our way back to the south, which we obviously did, as you can see. I spent some days thinking about what type of shot I wanted to take and had come up with a framing and pose that I thought would turn out good. I posed myself with my motorbike centered between the gate and asked my friend to take the shoot. That’s another of my photographs, but the funny thing is. That after we had taken the shot of me and, after I had posed my friends and taken photographs of them, just as we were heading of the girl in the red dress shows up.

She had two friends with her, one photographer and another guy which I think probably just was a friend tagging along. I went up and introduced myself. I saw that the other photographer was taking up a drone (mavic pro) and instantly realized that they were going for an overhead framing of the photograph and I seized the moment and asked if it was okay for me to take a photograph with my camera meanwhile they were taking the photos with the drone. Not disturbing their process. And surely it was okay. The girl ran towards the gate and at the same time a motorbike pulled up in front of her creating this photograph. Maybe it was luck or a case of being in the right time at the right place. Of course I took her instagram and shared the photo with her. I think she was happy with it.

Camera Make: Sony

Camera Model: ILCE-6500

Focal Length: 54mm

Aperture: ƒ/4

Shutter Speed: 1/4000s

ISO: 100

Dimensions: 3764 × 5646