You will receive a free download off a preset pack containing digital photo filters (presets) to edit photos with using the Adobe Lightroom Software. The value of the digital download is 40USD

In exchange you agree to edit at least 4 photos using the presets and submit those to your instagram profile. You also agree to share the photos via the messenger chat for me to store and use on social and web.  You can use new photos or re-edit some of your “old” photos. That’s completely up to you. Choose your best content!

If your photos are picked as “winners” you will receive and additional gift card worth 50USD to use and purchase more presets in the shop. You will also be featured as a creator on my website https://ollivves.com/ and social profiles: @ollivves and @ollivvespresets.

STEP 1: Do a carousel post

Post your edits as a carousel post to your Instagram and tag @ollivvespresets so I can see your submission. Also mention in the caption that it's a collaboration with @ollivvespresets  “Photo editing presets for Lightroom mobile + desktop” and #ollivvespresets. If you don't know how to do a carousel post on Instagram here is a blogpost that I wrote on how to do just that: HOW TO DO AN INSTAGRAM CAROUSEL POST.

STEP 2: How many photos?

Submit at least 4 photos. But you can do up to 10. The more photos you submit the bigger the chance that I’ll feature your content and win!  

STEP 3: Send Me Your Photos

Once you've finished your edits and uploaded them to Instagram I also need you to upload the photos here on this messenger chat. This so I can store and easily access your photos to share on my social and website!

STEP 4: Delivery date

You have 7 days to make your submission. If you accept to join the competition you must deliver. That's the deal for getting the preset pack for free!


You agree to give me, Oliver Sjöström, or someone acting in my behalf the rights to share the photos that you submit on social media and web for commercial purposes. Your name as photographer/creator shall always be mentioned accompanied with the images that you submit when shared to social media, and where suitable on the website. 

You also recognise that the images that you share are yours and that you have the full rights to the images.