Man hanging out his feet out from cliff overlooking coastline in Lombok, Indonesia. 

The ultimate purpose (at least for me) is freedom. I’ve talked about this many times before. But I can’t stress this enough. Because I don’t think I’m the only one who wants freedom. Economical, laboural, cultural and spiritual. Basically freedom to control your own life.

I’ve been thinking… about the key factors that enable “free” people to achieve a comfortable level of freedom. To be able to do what they want, to live the life they really want to live. I believe they do it through discipline. Discipline is one of the major and key factors.

They have the discipline to put in the ground work needed to achieve freedom. To turn off the phone, stop over consuming youtube, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. to pick up a book and learn something  instead of benching that Netflix series that got you hooked every evening after work. Wake up earlier in the morning and put in those extra hours of work before anybody else. Work until late at night, work in the weekends, just have the DISCIPLINE TO PUT IN THE WORK.

I don’t propose that you reach an insane level of discipline at once. Or that it is for everybody. But if you don’t have ANY level of discipline you are going to be pushed around. By your boss, by companies throughout your laboural life, by society, by marketers. You need to have discipline if you want to have freedom. Just some thoughts…